and convert.


Reach your donor base directly—and most effectively.

No two nonprofits are the same. No two campaigns are alike. And no two have identical donor profiles. Using our unique platform, we can identify likely donors and provide the tools for you to take action—directing prospects to a specific link to donate online or directly through text. Reach out directly through our system or export lists to a third party as needed. Our goal is to help campaigns and nonprofits take the guesswork out of fundraising so they can focus on their missions and be most productive.


We offer targeted strategies & deep analytics.

Fundrayse is powered by Bonfire, a warehouse of over 3 billion data points on adult-age consumers in the United States. We can measure the likelihood of individual consumer behavior—monitoring issue awareness, issue affinity, and the likelihood of donating. We can then pinpoint consumers who are most likely to donate to your organization.

As part of our modeling, we gauge response to specific messages or themes & preferences for online or offline giving. We help you raise money, so your organization can focus on its core mission.

Real-Time Demographics

3 Billion Data Points

Custom List Generation