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We help advocacy groups, brands, campaigns, and nonprofits engage people so their cause wins.

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Knowing who to talk to shouldn’t feel like an impossible task.

Yet too many have no idea who to engage, what to say, and how to reach the people most likely to respond. So they waste time, money, and opportunities—all for a losing effort.


Reaching the best audience should be simple. With Fundrayse, it is.

Built on the deep expertise of our data modeling and data solutions, we create custom data models and communication plans. Whether you need customers, votes, engagement, or donors, we know how to connect with the best audience for your cause.


From campaigns to fundraising to government affairs and beyond, we do it all.

ADVOCACY: Causes get stuck because people don’t take action. We use data modeling and campaign expertise to create a plan that brings results.
Growing a values-driven brand requires customers who align with your mission. We find the customers you need so you can thrive.
CAMPAIGNS: Most political campaigns don’t have unlimited budgets. Get the votes and support you need to win.
NONPROFITS: Many nonprofits struggle to find new donors. We eliminate fundraising headaches by finding new donors.

See our full process to help you win

Fundrayse gives you the way to win.

1. Reach a smaller number of the right people. We run data models and find the people most likely to care about the issue at hand.
2. Contact only those people in a variety of ways. Use the data model to engage the right people through a range of mediums.
3. Get a clear path to victory. Eliminate uncertainty and hit your goals.

See how we garner results

Build on proven data.

Fundrayse is powered by Bonfire, a leading voter data tool that campaigns use to raise money and get votes to win. Leverage more than 3 billion data points and get a plan to reach the exact people you need for your cause. Uncertainty is a thing of the past.

When campaigns want to win, they turn to us.

We help candidates get elected. Leverage the same proven process to find victory in your own campaign, initiative, or goal.

How We Helped a Governor Win